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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sunway 5211 - Upcoming potential windfall of 10% from Sunway Construction IPO

Sunway - Safe stock with upcoming potential 10% gain from Sunway Construction IPO. (dividends and dividend in specie from Sun Con)

2014 EPS Q1 6.03 + Q2 10.59+ Q3 8.34 + Q4 18.12 = 43.08
P/E                    = 3.32 / 43 = 7.7x
NTA                 =3.44 (trading below market price)
Dividend 2014  = 0.11 
Dividend Yield = (0.11/3.32) X 100 = 3.31% 

Sunway Construction targeted IPO - 2Q 2015.
Upcoming Catalyst - 1 SunCon share for free via dividend in specie for every 10 Sunway shares hold.

P/E 7 (excluded the exceptional gain on 4Q 2013 - take out as it is one off) is considerably cheap for a big cap property player. With the 3.3% dividend for 2014, it is higher than the money market interests. With the upcoming IPO, we foresee this price is a comfortable price for accumulation.

Disclaimer and Declaration

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