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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Pestech - Joining the Bursa Billionaire Club

Congratulations Pestech! She is no longer a Small and Mid cap player. When I first posted about Pestech it was 5.15 @ 17 July , the market cap of RM 956m, fast forward 4 working days it has break the billion dollar company mark. Today closing @ 5.56 with a market capitalization of  RM1.033b. About 8% increased for a quick 4 trading days.
It has touched 1 billion mark. What's next? If the price is sustainable in another few trading days without huge force selling/profit taking, I am in the opinion that some bigger boys shall come in. Generally for larger Institutional Funds, they can only come in for company bigger than 1b.  

Looking at their company's strategy of accumulating shares and cross it to the Institutional Funds, it would not suprise me if currently they are talking to the larger Institutional Fund House to join their journey. 

Personally for myself, I will keep the share and continue my exciting journey with Pestech.

Posted on 17/7:


PE 17x is not cheap. For those investors looking for a very safe and high dividend yield stock, this is not for you. For investors who are willing to look at this counter, do prepare to hold mid to long term with less dividends given (it is normal for construction company to give less dividends). Personally I am monitoring this counter, if the bosses keep accumulating from the open market eventhough it touches RM5, I do not mind to follow his foot steps. 

I believe Pestech is joining the billionaire club soon.

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