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Sunday, 3 January 2016

End of Year Message And Appreciation

Dear All Members of BBO Telegram Group,

On behalf of the Management Team, I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year and Prosperous 2016. It is a time for reflection on things done for 2015:

The BBO Private Telegram Group was started on early October 2015 by a group of professionals and businessman from various investment background. Initially is was a closed group for the selected and invited few to share their investment opinions and research done for the benefit of the members in early 2015. Fast forward 3 months, we have a small family of 700 plus in the Telegram Group as at end 2015 and 2.7k likes in FB Page.

How is BBO Group different compare to the other Groups you are joining?

1. We are run by professionals (members with the background from Corporate Finance, Fund Management, CFO of listed entity, Investment Bankers, Full Time Traders, Savvy Businessman). Posting and info done are base on figures and facts.

2. We do not condone the act of :
i. Pump and Dump Activities
ii. Operators Stocks / Syndicated Activities
iii. False Rumor Spreading and Distribution of Shares
iv. Analysis base on numbers and info pluck from the sky

3. Sharing and analysis done is a mixture of 3 elements:
i. Fundamentals & Tecnical Analysis.
ii. The Listed Company's Management Team (background, success stories and trustworthiness)
ii. Theme Play (are they on the right rotational play & Fund Manager's Radar)

Moving Forward for 1st Half 2016:

1. BBO Technical Trading Team will be doing monthly sharing/education for aspiring Traders who love charts. Tentative date January 2016.
2. Enlarging BBO Working Committee Team for events / roadshows and other BBO Private / Public activities. Tentative  date January 2016
3. Creation of BBO Fundamental Analysis Team. After CNY 2016.
4. BBO Investment Day 2016 - 2nd Quarter 2016.    

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for those members who have been contributing consistently on the daily information posting and sharings:

CH Seow, Nuren, Quantum, Ong Ah Sun, Fang, David Ting Ting, Su Kwok Tung, Augustine Bong, Tan Gim Hong, Pinko Heng, Sean Yong, Teo Kim Soon, Selina Loh, Anthony Ng, Steven Lee, D Salman and others that in our BBO telegram Group. Hope to see more of your sharings in 2016!

For BBO Committee Members:

Thank you for your hard work done on year 2015. We have a commentable year as our own investments and group portfolio is above KLCI Index. Let's work hard as a team to achieve a greater 2016. With the current team we have, I believe more people will be benefitted from what we are doing and sharings done.

Till then Happy 2016 and let's start the challenging 2016 year with a positive note and mindset.

Thank you


Management Team
BBO Group

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