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Friday, 29 January 2016

Humblepie Watchlist for Value Investing as at 29 JAN 2016:

The week has been quite volatile with the last trading day of the month ended with 33 points / 2% up to mark a good window dressing. Net buy from Foreign 706m on 29 Jan. As mentioned earlier yesterday  that the issue from Wan Emdibee is over, money already 'return', RM strengthen and if oil price rebounds, everything will goes back to normal.

For my portfolio, I have sold Inari and Unisem and effectively Reduced my return for Crystalized Profits for an Average of 1.9% per stock from the initial 4.2% per stock. It is equivalent to Money Market interests for 6 months which if you annualized it will be 3.8% (FD Ratefor 1 year). The Paper Gain for Stocks on Hand has dropped from 17.8% to 15.9%. I was not spared from the market volatality.

Selling out Inari & Unisem:
This is a good stock and looking forward for another round of good QR Report (at least for 4Q 2015). A cross check at Bursa announcement, the Director has been selling aggresively since Mid Jan till end Jan 2016 (DS Thong Kok Khee) with no sign of slowing down. Apple as well has issued early warning on first sales decline in a decade earlier last week. Samsung Electronics follow suit and issued a warning on gloomy 2016. I think the Value has changed and I decided to take the hit.
For Unisem, although the Directors is accumulating the shares but it is in a small block. I believe the next 4th QR should be ok looking at our RM/USD FX but I would rather step a side temporary.

What's next?

DOW closed up 396 points on last Friday but Malaysia is celebrating her Federal Day which is a Public Holiday. As the air has been cleared up a bit in Bolehland, I stand neutral on the market and currently analyzing some beaten down stocks with good FA. With the revised Budget announced, there are not much impact to the investors for stocks. I will post up another write up soon! Till then I am looking forward for a rebound on Tuesday for the balance 9 stocks on hand.

Happy Trading


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