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Sunday, 25 January 2015

SKPETRO @ 2.80 - How's my trade fair?

How's things? I have just returned from 2 weeks of Business Trip. Let's see how is my SKPetro fairs now:

1st Purchase   3.08
2nd Purchase  2.87
3rd Purchase   2.55
4th Purchase   2.23
5th Purchase   1.91 (not done - lowest 2.02)

Average:                                      2.6825 (assume 2.70 - with brokerage)
Closing Price @ 23/1/2015          2.80 (3.7% return for 2 months ++) 

I am still keeping due to:
1.  SKPETRO is set to return to Shariah Compliance List in May 2016 - Announced on 16/1/2015
2. stabilizing oil price and RM - Prices of RM is fluctuating around 3.55 to 3.65 for the near term. 
                                                  Same goes to Oil : around USD 45 to USD 55 
3. Continuous accumulation by EPF and Amanah Raya (started to join the shopping party from 13/1/2015)

If you see Amanah Raya started to collect an Non Syariah counter, perhaps you may some idea that SKPetro has most likely settle their dust. Some might be quick enough to spot the announcement dated 16/1/2015 and bought at 19/1/2015 @ 2.63 (still gives a decent 6.46% for a short span of a week).

Not a bad deal ya using Value Investing?

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Humble Pie, 


  1. As a KLSE stock analysis and researcher, mostly my targets are hit, but whenever as a trader I use to trade then it doesn't. So what should I do ?

  2. Hi Michale, do use the method that suit you most. There is no wrong using either TA or FA. To master TA, generally the same single time frame for a stock, a trader uses 10 to 20 different combination of charting indicators to screen it. They would not go in to trade until they find the least failure break out method to be used. It is trial and error until it is good to use. FA wise,
    1. Numbers look good
    2. Prudent management team
    3. Good historical background / no hanky panky things inside
    4. Favourable industry/theme play

    You meet the criteria, generally our investment shall be safe.
    Do not force yourself in using other people's method. Investments are about understanding our trading style and risk tolerance. Then generate a trading profile base on our own understanding.

    Good luck